One Stop Sandwich Shop

How providing internet to our local Jersey Mike’s became Tekwerks being their one-stop shop for all technological needs.

Jersey Mikes

Hooking up internet is great, but hooking it up for one of your favorite sandwich shops is even better! We got the call about a Jersey Mike’s moving in to a location less than a mile from our main office and were excited to hook them up! After discussing plans and pricing we went on site to perform an initial site survey.

When we got there, we discovered that there were a few technology pieces to their puzzle that we had the knowledge to help with. After conversations with the owner, he asked us if we could help with all the networking pieces to their store! We believe that doing something right the first time always leads to less time an maintenance in the future. At the stores opening, we had ended up installing:

  • High Speed Internet including ‘Always On’ service and WiFi in store
  • VoIP Phones with an Automated Attendant
  • Low voltage wiring throughout the store
  • Audio system with Bluetooth Amp/Speakers for ambient music music/announcements
  • Network cameras and NVR with remote access
  • Nest Thermostats
  • Setup of POS
  • Installation of customer supplied router and store management gear
  • Worked with multiple support teams to ensure network was working properly before opening

Since then, we have worked with the owner to help service multiple other Jersey Mike’s and lead all technology installs for future store openings. We couldn’t be more grateful to the staff and leadership team to trust us with setting up their locations. Plus, the sandwiches are great!

We wanted to highlight this setup specifically because we have done this at other restaurants, and we call it our restaurant package. We can come in and use our experience in food service to help bring innovative ideas to your business. As your Technology contractor, you’ll only need to call one number for all your technology questions.

Tekwerks - Jersey Mike's Success Story




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